My name is Reelika Väli. I’m working in Nissi Basic School as an educational tehcnologist and teacher of Computer Science. I’m also a class teacher (6th grade) and school robotics club instructor.

There are many digital learning resources and e-learning environments available, and the share of e-learning in education is growing. I believe that the use of digital tools in education will diversify subject matter lessons, facilitate the work of teachers, help develop students’ digital competencies, integrate new knowledge with different subjects and spheres of life, and teach collaborative learning and problem-solving. Digital learning resources allow students and teachers to choose the time and place of learning and easily adjust the level of difficulty and study pace.

My journey as a teacher and educational technologist has been full of exciting challenges and inspiring experiences. Working with young people and being a trusted partner for subject teachers in finding and using a suitable digital learning resource or an e-environment is a very interesting job that inspires me to experiment with different digital tools and constantly engage in self-improvement.

In this blog I’m collecting everything that is related to the Nissi School and IT.

My contacts: reelika.vali@nissikool.ee.